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We Guard:

  • Business Establishments

  • Private Homes

  • Events / Parties

  • Private Properties

  • Church functions

  • Corporate Events

  • Personal Body Guard

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Mobile patrol is a vital service to support all industries including construction, retail, corporate and commercial businesses. Mobile patrols generally operate alongside our existing CCTV monitoring and/or manned guarding, and this is a security service that is active both day and night. If you have larger business premises such as a construction site or industrial site, manned guarding and mobile patrols are a great solution for maintaining and securing your assets. 

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We Install CCTV & Provide Monitoring:


CCTV surveillance can deter potential criminals. When a crime does occur, video footage can help law enforcement to investigate and later provide evidence for prosecution in a court of law. Used in conjunction with CCTV, audio, thermal and other types of sensors can alert officials to occurrences that are out of the ordinary, for example a fire or gun shots at a location. For businesses, CCTV cameras can detect and monitor in-house criminal activities.


We Investigate:

  • Employment Background Checks

  • Fraud Investigations

  • Missing Persons

  • Auto Theft

  • GPS Tracking

  • Infidelity

Armed Security.png

Are you in posession of valubles or in fear? There is nothing better than XTRA protection. Extreme Security provides armed security services​ with our heavily trained officer bound to keep you SAFE.

Hurricane Response _ Relief.png

During and after a storm, we provide:

  • Individual & Business Assistance

  • Public Assistance

  • Missing Persons

  • Burglary & Property Protection

  • Asset Protection

  • Help & Rescue Service

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